The reliable offshore drilling contractor.


We teach ourselves our future employees, and do this according to our own equipment and vision.


A prerequisite is that the candiadates have a profession of a slinger, welder, excavator/crane operator, diver, industrial climber, electrician, ship mechanic, motorist, etc.. As for the direct knowledge of the drilling equipment, our training courses are linked to the training system of the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM).


In addition to simulators we also have a skiddable land drilling rig with the wellheads submerged in water. The water depth of the pool is 6 meters. At this training-testing stand, you can practice the entire range of shallow water subsea drilling operations, including cementing underwater. On the left side of the drilling site is a state-of-the-art student observation classroom. During drilling, all operations are synchronously projected on the classroom screen. The management of the rig is identical to the management of those rigs on which further work will be carried out at sea. 


The preventer is also lowered and secured into the aquatic environment during the training process in the pool on land.


Our training courses include :
–> theoretical classes,
–> practicing skills on simulators,
–> work on a land-based training rig with separate training room,
–> protection of control graduation,
–> internship on our great offshore drilling units.

Come on, work with us.