The reliable offshore drilling contractor.


We strive :


-> to become the pioneer company on the way of oil and gas to the consumer ;


-> to apply on practice oilfield service innovations - we experiment with dual activity drilling and with constructing Multiple Slots Wellheads (MSW) on shallow water offshore ;


-> to create offshore skiddable rig effect placing new well foundations as close as possible to the old ones in order to reduce production costs - the distance between wells can be only 7,5 meters ;


-> to always exceed customer expectations - record time for typical well construction ;


-> to fight against downtime - which makes up no more than 4.8% of our total working time score ;


-> to achieve the highest quality in the interests of partners with concern for the environment - during the drilling process, we regularly measure the curvature of the well, monitor the quality of the drilling fluid and of cementing. In addition, we carry out increased control over the drilling pipes and, especially, of the casing pipes in order to eliminate any risk of downtime due to their quality ;


-> to take care of the safety of employees at all our facilities ;


-> to be a socially responsible company - we support sports, restore historic and cultural temples and monuments ;


->  to participate in activities aimed at a complete international ban on hunting whales (Norway and Denmark) ;


-> to apply control measures and to promote legislative initiatives regarding bottom-trawling.


Come on, work with us.